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Thursday, March 11, 2010


The Bible portrays the Christian life as a walk. It speaks of walking in the Spirit, in God's ways, in love, and in truth. Our lives then, shouldn't be stagnant, they ought to move, and develop to become more and more Christ-like in nature. But what if you are going backward instead of forward? It can happen you know. So how can a change of direction come about?
  1. First, have assurance that God keeps every one of His promises. In the Bible there are an amazing number of guarantees for believers, including wisdom for the asking, God's constant presence, and peace when we focus on Him.
  2. Second, anticipate the Father's response. In other words, prepare for what He will do because of your confidence in His promises.
  3. Third, be aware daily of His involvement in your life. By spending time in the Word, prayer, and meditation, as you follow these disciplines you will become sensitive to what He is doing.
  4. Fourth, pray boldly because you are God's child (Heb. 4:16). Approaching the Father in such a manner isn't arrogant or prideful, but an overflow of your assurance in Him.
  5. Finally, obey the leading of the Holy Spirit. In fact this is the true test of your faith. The Bible says without action faith is dead (James 2:17).

Can you sense that your life is progressing and you are maturing into Christ's likeness? Or do circumstances and character traits seen to hold you back? God promises to continue transforming His children throughout their lives. You can resist Him or cooperate with His gracious work in you. Its your choice.