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Sunday, July 15, 2007


When the word flesh appears in the New Testament, it usually refers to our fallen nature within us, that wants to indulge in self-gratification. It is the pattern of thinking and conduct that opposes obedience to God.
When people say, "He's just doing what comes naturally," they are describing someone living in the flesh. Our natural impulses are geared, not toward pleasing the Lord, but toward personal comfort and pleasure. That means doing whatever it takes to satisfy one's own personal lust. People go to great lengths to fill the emptiness within, even participating in the acts of sexual immorality, contention, idolatry, and carousing.....see Galatians 5:16-26. But nothing can truly appease the flesh, which always selfishly wants more.
When an unbeliever acts out of self-interest, believers cannot say he should know better. There is no Holy Spirit inside him to sound the alarm, when he is wrong, or to enable him to act in a righteous way. But the Christian has no such excuse, since God's Spirit dwells within, prompting appropriate behavior and thoughts. However the tug of the flesh remains with the believer, since we do not shed our humanity until we reach heaven. So we still have the capacity to give in to sinful inclinations and sow corruption into our life.
To protect ourselves from fleshly desires, we must place complete trust in the Holy Spirit. Only He can point out sinful actions, thoughts, and attitudes. What's more, He can fill us with the desire to obey God's Word, and enable us to make right choices. You think about that.