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Thursday, September 11, 2008


2:17 Therefore he had to be made like his brethren in every respect, so that he might become a merciful and faithful high priest in the service of God, to make expiation for the sins of the people. 2:18 For because he himself has suffered and been tempted, he is able to help those who are tempted. Hebrews 2:17-18 RSV

Jesus had to leave heaven and take on human flesh not only to become our sacrifice, but also........ so He would know experientially exactly what it's like to be one of us, that's what makes Him such a great advocate. Jesus knows what it feels like to be tempted. We can never say to Him, You don't know what it's like. He does know, in fact we know less of the pain of temptation than He does. Keep in mind it pains us to resist temptation, whereas it pained Him to be tempted. For there was no sin in Him and nothing to respond to sin. Putting biblical truths in focus....[believers can trust Jesus to help when they are tempted].


God will provide all the wisdom, faith, and power we need to accomplish what He ask us to do. Therefore, we should regard obedience as a joy.
Both our successes and failures should teach us to live a lifestyle of commitment to the Lord. Make a decision to follow Him regardless of the outcome. His sovereignty demands our obedience.
Sin is not weakness, it is a disease; it is red--handed rebellion against God and the magnitude of that rebellion is expressed by Calvary’s cross. [Oswald Chambers]
We have a strange illusion that mere time cancels sin….but mere time does nothing either to the fact or to the guilt of sin. The guilt is washed out not by time but by repentance and the blood of Christ. [C. S. Lewis]
Looking at the wound of sin will never save anyone. What you must do is look at the remedy. [D. L. Moody]
By nature I was too blind to know Him, too proud to trust Him, too obstinate to serve Him, too base-- minded to love Him. [John Newton]
Any time we attempt to meet our own needs or accomplish anything without God, we sin and set ourselves up for failure. [Charles Stanley]
You may as easily be destroyed by trusting in good doctrine as by trusting in good works. The only salvation that will stand the test of the day of judgment, is believing in the Lord Jesus Christ, and receiving His Spirit, and being made like Him. There are some who have no marks of the Spirit; who have no evidence of piety; who are not holy; who live in sin; who can live as sinners live; who have the image of the devil upon them, and yet they think they are the children of God! Believing right doctrine will no more save you, than doing good works will save you.