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Sunday, April 15, 2007


To prepare yourself for each day's spiritual battle, make this prayer, or one like it, part of your morning routine:Dear Heavenly Father. I know that as I get out of bed today, I'm stepping onto a battlefield. But I also know You have given me everything I need to stand firm against attack. So in the power of Your Holy Spirit, I put on the armor You have provided:First, I place the helmet of salvation on my head. Protect my mind and imagination. Guard my eyes, that no sin would creep in. Focus my thoughts steadily on the things that please You. Second, let the breastplate of righteousness keep my heart and emotions safe. Third, let me not be governed by my feelings, but by truth. Wrap Your Word around the very core of my being like a belt, and safeguard me from error. Fourth, Dear Lord as I put on the sandals of peace to guide my steps. Plant my feet in Your truth, and empower me to stand firm against attack.Next I take up the shield of faith. Protect me from the fiery arrows of the Enemy, and create a wall of opposition to the Devil's schemes. And finally, I take up the sword of the Spirit....Your Word. Set in my heart and mind in a fresh and exciting way, Your Word, so I will always be ready to deflect attacks and to pierce hearts with Your truth.I know that I will face assaults today, Lord, but You have empowered me to stand firm. Give me strength for the battle today. In Jesus Name amen.Child of God, without your God-given spiritual weaponry, you're as vulnerable as a soldier who shows up for battle wearing only a bathing suit. Get dressed for success! "for the battle is the Lord's"